Music Contest “Impronte sonore”

Music Contest “Impronte sonore” 2019

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“eradellamusica” a cultural association, in collaboration with “timetrack studios”, a professional recording studio and with the support of  tac treviglio “art and culture”, presents the second edition of “impronte sonore” music contest.

The project is one of the activities that “eradellamusica” offers to its public, along with initiatives of professional education, the services of audio and video pre-production and post-production , the promotion of artistic products to a selected target and the organization and artistic direction of events. The contest wants to be an opportunity for singers and musicians to express their own passion for music, to be reviewed by professionals and to have access to great awards



Regulation musical contest impronte sonore 2 °edition

Art 1
The registration for the competition is open to solo artists or bands composed by voices and instruments, vocal groups or instrumental groups, without limit of age, of origin and without limits of components within the band.

Art 2
The subscription to the competition is completely free, the only obligation is to provide the material required in the following articles

Art 3
Within the contest all musical genres and lyrics are allowed, written in any language, including dialects. Every competitor will be required to perform a live performance of a minimum duration of 20 minutes. It is necessary to present songs that respect the following requirements (failing to do so will result in the exemption or the exclusion).

  • Being original and unpublished
  • Being performed live, even on a pre-recorded basis (no playback)
  • Do not contain elements of violation of law and third party rights, no incitation to racism, discrimination and/or violence
  • Do not contain forms of copyright infringement
  • Be free from regulations of copy-rights which may compromise the execution

Art 4
Artists and bands are allowed in the competition so long they are not currently under any form of contract with labels or major except for distribution and similar platforms.

Art 5
The only modalities of eligible registration are the following:

  • Registration via mail to
  • On physical support (such as cd or usb etc.) mailed at “Timetrack Studios in via Isonzo 3B Azzano San Paolo (BG)”
  • Through the collection points on the territory which will be communicated at the moment of the registration opening

The registration will need to comply with the following conditions:

  • To be deliver between the 01/09/2018 and  the 30/11/2018 at 12.00.
  • To contain a completely filled-up registration form.
  • The disclaimer filled-up and signed by a parent of any eventual underaged member.
  • Contain at least three songs in mp3 format. Alternatively a link to videos already available on the web (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, etc.) Will suffice.
  • The lyrics of the submitted songs must be delivered in “. Doc” format or compatible.
  • Telephone contact and mail of the designated person representing the band.
  • The valid i.d. of the person representing the band and composers that will sign the disclaimer for the unreleased songs.

The incorrect or incomplete presentation of the application and of the annex material may result on the exclusion from the competition.

Art 6
According to the delivered material, received within the 11/30/18 at 12.00 am, the organization will select 24 bands that will participate in the contest. The judgment of the organization is not open to debate.

The contest will be held in the “Teatro dei Filodrammatici of Treviglio” (precious and historic location managed by tac) in a structure covered and equipped, the shows will be held even in case of bad weather. The calendar will be structured in 6 eliminatory nights, 2 semifinals, 1 final. The two semifinals will grant access to the first classified of every evening in divided groups (3 + 3). From each of the semifinals, two out of the three competing bands will be granted the access to the final.
On the final night, to each of the bands will be assigned a position from 1st to 4th and the prizes will be assigned accordingly.

  • Friday January 11th
  • Friday February 1st
  • Friday March 8th
  • Friday March 22nd
  • Friday April 12th
  • Friday April 26th

The semifinals will take place on the evenings:

  • Friday May 10th
  • Friday May 24th

The final is fixed on the 7th of june, the final location is to be defined

The availability of the winning bands of the eliminatory is mandatory during the semifinal and final phases; penalty, the exclusion from the competition.

Art 7
Every evening a jury composed by professionals of the sector appointed by the organization will be present, whose names will be revealed before the contest starts.

Judgments expressed by the jury during the evenings are incontestable; these judgments will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

Originality: arrangements creativity, personality of the song and originality of music and / or of the lyrics;

Technique: executive skills not considered as mere instrumental virtuosity, but as transversal ability between instrumental capabilities, expressive means and arrangement.

Expressivity: communicative qualities of the song and impact on the public

Stage performance: quality and level of performance on the stage

Art 8
Expected awards are:

  • First classified: professional recording at “timetrack studios” of a complete album (max 9 songs); insertion in “timetrack factory” (multimedia and promotional community); a year of social media management of the musical project. Value 10,000 euros
  • Second classified: professional recording at “timetrack studios” of an ep (max 5 songs); insertion in timetrack factory (multimedia and promotional community); a year of social media management of the musical project. Value 7,000 euros
  • Third classified: professional recording at “timetrack studios” of 2 songs. Value 1600 euro
  • Fourth classified: professional recording at “timetrack studios” of a song. Value 800 euro

The prizes must be collected by may 2020 and cannot be converted in money

Art 9
By subscribing to the competition, the group authorizes the organization to make audio and video recordings of live performance and publish them through the most suitable media. In addition, the press that will be cover the event will be authorized to film and / or take photos of the event

Art 10
Signing up to the competition is completely free. Singing up to the competition implies the total acceptance of this regulation.